Concert Programmes

Bestial counterpoint

Based on an idea by Perugia-based musician Vladimiro Vagnetti, this programme is an anthological proposal of chansonsfrottole, canzonette and madrigals surrounding animals. Imitations of animals’ calls and paces fill this colourful programme alongside music on their metaphorical significance. As in Medieval bestiaries, each animal carries a symbolic meaning, used as a tool to investigate human existence.

Instrumentation: Cornett, 2 Sackbuts, 2 Bombards, Percussion
Music by  J. Archadelt, J. Des Prez, I. Gallus, O. di Lasso, G. de Wert

Non è tempo d’aspettare

A vibrant programme of frottolecanzonette and villanelle. Light-hearted and satirical texts on life’s sensual pleasures are combined with melancholic reflections on the longings of the heart. Both express the title’s exhortation: there is no time to waste!

Instrumentation: Cornett, Sackbut, Viola da gamba, Lute, Percussion, Singer
Music by  M. Cara, A. von Bruck, O. Vecchi, J. Archadelt, D. Ortiz

Ostinato vo’ suonare

A programme in honour of our ensemble’s name Utfasol-literally, the pitches that make up a ground-bass known as La Bergamasca. The works presented are based on various grounds, displaying the florid style rooted in improvisation and traditional music.  

Instrumentation: Cornett, 3 Sackbuts, Percussion, Organo, Tiorba.
Music by  A. Falconieri, G. Mainiero, D. Ortiz, B. Tromboncino, B. Donato, L.G. Da Viadana

Münich 1621

Forty years of music-making in and around München’s thriving musical panorama between the 16th and 17th centuries create the backdrop for this programme of instrumental and vocal music. 1621 represents the year of publication of Anton Holzner’s Viretum Pierium which forms the centerpiece of the programme. The rest of the music presented is a collection of works by other composers who worked in München and left their traces in its musical history.

Instrumentation: Cornett, 3 Sackbuts, Organ, Bass Singer
Music by F. Holzner, M. Cesare, O. di Lasso, J. de Fossa


Celesti Fiori: i motetti di Alessandro Grandi –  Video

in collaboration with vocal ensemble Accademia d’Arcadia

Salmi Boscarecci di Ignazio Donati – Video

in collaboration with Ensemble Biscantores

Vespro della Beata Vergine di G.A. Rigatti

in collaboration with vocal ensemble I Disinvolti